Ladies 1-2-1 Fitness Sessions
Ladies 1-2-1 Fitness Sessions 

About me

Hi my name is Maria and I run FitnessME , which is a mobile company that provides group and one to one Fitness Classes such as Dance-Fit , Fitness PIlates, BodyFit ME (interval training) , Power Step Fitness advise  and more to come .....


Love what I do as I'm a true believer that exercise keeps your body and ​mind stress free , healthy , leaves you with the feel good factor afterwards and of course is the best way to lose weight !! ... s


Over 5  years ago I was desperate to lose weight and improve my fitness levels so I've started going to Zumba classes and after a couple of months I've started losing weight and I was so pleased and loving doing exercise  that I decided to become a Zumba instructor  and then after  a couple of years of being a Zumba instructor I got fully qualified as a Fitness Instructor  to have more fitness tools to be  able to help more people achieve their goals .


So  far I've lost  3-1/2  stones , I feel fit and happy  ;-)  ....


Remember things don't happen overnight you will achieve your goals if you  keep focus on your target and most important DON'T GIVE UP !!


Come join my classes and start your journey to be FIT , HEALTHY and HAPPY !!

What's New???

oming C:-) Soon you will be able to join me on my online challages and fitness advise